Our Officers

Chief Joe Tjaden has been with the fire department for over 27 years and is now retired from Rapid City Fire Department where he last served as a Captain at RCFD station 6.

Asst. Chief Tim Kobes has been with the department for over 47 years, he was the Chief for many years at Rapid Valley Fire Department. He is retired from Rapid City Fire Department where he last served as the Operations Chief for several years.

Asst Chief Hunter Vissia is the newest Chief officer at the department. He previously served as the personnel Capt. and Lt. He is also serves as a FF\Medic for Rapid City Fire Department.

Chaplain Brent Woodard is the chaplain and also firefighter representative for the department. He is also the Pastor of the Bible Christian Church in Rapid Valley.

Captain Levi Woodard has been with Rapid Valley since 2015 and currently is the supply officer. He currently is a dispatcher with Pennington County ESCC which dispatches for all of Pennington County Fire, LE, and EMS agencies.

(No current photo) Lt Kevin Palaski currently serves as a admin officer for the department. He is a youth care worker at Wellfully providing inpatient drug rehabilitation and residential behavioral healthcare for adolescents.

Lt Jenifer Truax has been with the department for close to 5 years, she currently serves as the department treasurer. She also works for the City of Rapid City as an Administrative Coordinator.

Lt Grant Syverstad is a former student resident firefighter with the department and is currently a training lieutenant. He currently works for the South Dakota School Of Mines in a research capacity.

Lt Shane Dawson is currently one of the training lieutenants. He is also a firefighter for the Ellsworth AFB Fire Department