Student Resident Program

The Rapid Valley Fire Department is always accepting applications for Student Resident FireFighters. For more information please fill out a membership application here or reach out to us on social media. Prefrence is given to candidates who join the department before becoming residents and show committment to being a firefighter.

Rapid Valley Student Resident Firefighters are Firefighter/EMTs that are expected to protect the life and property of Rapid Valley’s communities by extinguishing fires, treating emergency medical problems, and providing rescue. New residents will be joining a team that is dedicated to providing compassionate, prompt, state of-the-art services to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to lift victims, equipment, and tools of up to 75 lbs., maneuver them around obstacles and under adverse conditions. Student Residents will work in difficult work environments including conditions of high heat, low visibility, confined space, on elevated ladder or apparatus, at accident scenes, under pressure or stressful conditions, when fatigued, and under adverse weather conditions, wearing full personal protective equipment. The ideal candidate will be a leader, able to use his or her interpersonal influence to show initiative, inspire, motivate, and mentor others; be respectful, supportive, flexible, dependable, punctual, and accountable in everyday work and interactions; possess excellent problem solving skills, strong communication skills, and demonstrate a high level of customer service. The successful candidate will demonstrate honesty, integrity, positive and consistent behavior, exercise good judgment and decision making, maintain complete response readiness at all times, and support the safety of one another in a team. Additional skills or education that are desirable to Rapid Valley include national registration as a EMT or above; Firefighter I and II Certification from the State of South Dakota; Wildland Fire experience and/or certification from the NWCG; experience as an emergency medical responder, and as a full-time, volunteer, or military Firefighter.